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The Turin Shroud

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                    Ever since it was first revealed to the public in 1357, the Turin Shroud has fascinated all who look upon it. Could it be, as many believe, the image of Jesus Christ miraculously imprinted on the fabric?

                    Detailed study of photographs of the Shroud reveal enough information for initial judgements on its authenticity

                   More intense studies lead from discovery to surprises. To paraphrase Arnaud Upinski, when we submit the Shroud to the scrutiny of science, we find in fact that it is science that must submit to the scrutiny of the Shroud !



This image gives an almost natural aspect to that part of the Shroud which represents the front of the body. The human figure is hardly visible and what catches the eye are the scars of the misadventures suffered by the Shroud down the centuries : traces of scorching, of mending, stains, folds, )
Detailed view of the Turin Shroud, as it appears

The Face of the man of the Shroud. This photograph is in fact a photo negative in black and white of the Shroud. The impression of reality which emerges from it is absolutely startling and was one of the causes that incited so many scholars to turn their attention to the Shroud



Is this the face of Jesus of Nazareth as his contempories saw him ?




Negative of a photograph of the Turin Shroud (detail)



Because of the detail in some of these images, and the frequent slowness of the web, some images and pages may be slow to download.


On a bilingual web site like this, it is impossible to summarise in English and French a subject so important to so many people of different cultures and beliefs without making omissions, generalisations, and even errors. Here and now I apologise, and hope that as soon as you spot something that can be said better, you will contact me. Some of you should have lots to add -- the specialists in archaeology, history, numismatics, medicine, languages, the Scriptures -- those with detailed knowledge of some aspect of research into the Shroud.

Others amongst you may possesses unique information, drawings and photographs. If you would like to make any of this better known I would be delighted to consider it for inclusion in future updates of this website, or include links to your own website. You can reach me at the following address :



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