The dissemination of knowledge :

               Many of you who read this site, possess knowledge and skills, data and images, that, if shared, would help us all understand better the message that the Shroud holds for the world.

               Today this is possible. This Internet is a wonderful communications tool. Today we can make it an instrument of culture and open education. Today we can diseminate knowledge that once would have taken years or even hundreds of years to be carried from country to country. Today we can share information so fast...

               It is a collective library, a collective brain. No longer was it possible for any individual to know everything on any one topic. Even to have some knowledge on everything had become impossible. We have had to accept this as a consequence of the immense progress being made by science, and of course, we really should rejoice about that. Now, the information super-highway (as those who pay extra for high speed internet connections are still able to call it) networks us into thousands of brains, into libraries, into image banks...

               How wonderful it always is, to get that next scrap of information, on whatever subject it is we are studying, researching. To understand more and more each day, each month, each year.

               Imagine if each of us accepts to put at the service of all, whatever new scraps of information he or she is lucky enough to have. We could create an astoundingly rich and evergrowing "virtual" library, from which everybody can draw great spiritual comfort.

               This is what this page is all about. In it you will find those deep and thoughtful questions that others have asked themselves, and answered, or never been able to answer. Here is the chance for all to ask, and he or she who can to answer.

               Whenever possible, once a subject has been discussed here, and discussed to the point of conclusion, I will try to transfer a summary to the Frequently Asked Questions page, (or elsewhere in the text, with full acknowledgements to all who contribute). 

              Can anybody tell us more about the concomitant existance of several calendars in Palestine at the time of Jesus, and on the celebration of Passover on different days?


               There are in our parishes many "Chemins de Croix" (Stations of the Cross), and Crucifixes that are real masterpieces. If you are lucky enough to know of such works of art, and could let us know, they could well serve as a basis for illustrations and new pages.


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               This is a simple letterbox, checked every day, but there is neither secretary nor telephone.

               I will be happy to receive any constructive input for this web site, and will try to the best of my ability and time to answer questions promptly. Please bear in mind that English is not my mother tongue, and that I am also very much occupied with business and family obligations. This restricts me to focussing only on data that is absolutely specific to the subject of this web site.

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