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Reconstruction of the Passion of Jesus in the light of the Gospels and of the observations derived from the study of the Shroud.

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I. Introduction
              A. Preview
               B. History
              C. Cloth
II. Closer examination
              A. General look
              C. Detailed study
III. Conclusions
IV. The Passion

A. The passion of Jesus according to the Gospels

B. Physiopathology of the Passion

V. Back Matter
VI. Bibliography
VII. Frequently Asked Questions
VIII. Site Update History
IX. Glossary
X. Questions to Readers






          A. Introduction

          B. History

          C. Cloth


II. CLOSER EXAMINATION           Return to main

          A. General look

          B. Detailed study


III.   CONCLUSIONS          Return to main



IV.  THE  PASSION          Return to main


V.  BACK MATTER           Return to main


          A. Burns and folding

          B. Coagulation

          C. Flogging

          D. Crucifixion

          E. Carbon 14


VI.  BIBLIOGRAPHY   AND  LINKS          Return to main


                    VII. FREQUENTLY   ASKED  QUESTIONS          Return to main


                    VIII.  SITE   UPDATE  HISTORY         Return to main


                    IX.   GLOSSARY          Return to main

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